What if you could take a new lesson from every experience on your life’s journey?

What if every experience brought you to a new way of thinking, a new way of living, and a new way of loving with each and every step?

Join Monica McCoy, founder of MonicaMotivates, as she encourages you to step inside the arena and allow your experiences to light your path. 

“This book will serve as an empowering resource as you navigate the many hills and valleys on your success journey. Gone are the days that people remain in their silos and try to figure out the world on their own. Take advantage of this inspiring playbook filled with strategies and great stories.”


- Kimberly Smith, CEO of The Positivity Academy

“This book was a wonderful outlet for me personally by getting to contribute and share a piece of myself with others, but it was just as rewarding reading the Best Life Lessons of so many others. Reading their stories motivated, inspired and validated some of my own conclusions about life as well. Kudos to MonicaMotivates for this beautiful compilation of life’s journey through so many different eyes!”

- Sabrina Jackson, Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

“Monica's book is a compilation of how not to just exist but to thrive in life. Powerful people are sharing their stories of triumph, overcoming adversity, and success. This is a must read, if you are ready to live your best life ever.”

- Shade Y. Adu, Personal Brand Strategist

“This brilliant must-read book provides powerful antidotes through the eyes of phenomenal people.” 


- K. Renee Ward, Speaker, Author, Business Consultant

“This book will help you to begin and end each day with greatness in mind, and realize that we are all going through the peaks and valleys of life together. Whether the lesson is to accept yourself or to dream big, regardless of your past, it will resonate with you.”

- Monica McCoy, Founder MonicaMotivates

Monica McCoy is the Founder of MonicaMotivates, an organization providing coaching, speaking and consulting services that helps individuals transition from being spectators with their lives to being active participants inside the arena. 

In 2011 Monica McCoy noticed the amount of individuals struggling to find their passion and purpose. Sparking her to action, she founded MonicaMotivates, providing executive-level speaking, coaching and consulting services to professionals and business owners. MonicaMotivates focuses on providing actionable solutions for business owners to pursue their passion, dream and goals. 

Monica's clients learn from her expertise gained during her 15 year global career as a rising executive with a fortune 100 company in strategy, innovation, finance, revenue growth management and womens empowerment initiatives.